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Grassland Village Special Area Plan – Public Involvement Meeting #3 Recap

Grassland Village Special Area Plan Aerial MapWilliamson County Planning Staff conducted the third public involvement meeting for the Grassland Village Special Area Plan on Thursday, June 4, 2013 from 6:30 – 8:00pm at Grassland Middle School in the cafeteria. Members from the County Commission and the Grassland Citizen’s Advisory Committee were there as well as members of the community. The goal was to gain community feedback on the drafted Vision Statement and Goals for the Grassland Village and the desired development patterns for the next twenty years.

First on the agenda was a review of the planning process so far as well as an overview of the future goals. The staff then presented the Draft Vision Statements and Draft Goals, which can both be found on the county page designated to meeting notes from the planning. There were some questions and concerns from community members in attendance, but the staff and others ultimately reviewed and discussed the purpose and process of the plan. If you’re not familiar with what’s going on, you can learn more from our past posts. Then, attendees went to color in maps and fill out a preference survey for what would be nice to include or not include in the village.

Grassland Village Special Area Plan Meeting #3 FIVE Grassland Village Special Area Plan Meeting #3 FOUR Grassland Village Special Area Plan Meeting #3 THREE Grassland Village Special Area Plan Meeting #3 ONE

In short review, the Vision Statement included such ideas as unifying streetscapes, link surrounding neighborhoods, create and sustain a unique character, expanded array of services, and natural resources that coexist with new development. The Goals included ideas about land use, design and character, and roadway and infrastructure as well as wanting to improve safety and efficiency of vehicular traffic, create strong connections for pedestrians and cyclists, discourage land use that would detract from the desired character, and provide recreational amenities where feasible.

How can you help?

Overall, everyone is encouraged to make your voice heard now so that your thoughts and opinions can be a part of the plan!

  • Ask questions.
  • Talk to committee members. Contact the committee members via the committee email address.
  • Attend meetings and participate in workshops.
  • Invite others to meetings and spread the word. Share our Facebook page with others to stay informed!
  • Envision what Grassland can be long-term, rather than focusing on what it can’t be.


If you missed the meeting, click here to read the Draft Vision Statements and Draft Goals on the county website.

If you attended or missed, be sure to see the results of the Preference Survey where you can see that 89% of people are opposed to a “big box” commercial business in our area and 54% are in favor of including townhomes in the village. You will also want to read the I think Grassland needs more… where neighbors share things like wanting “smaller lot/townhomes for senior citizens” and a “designated bike greenway.” Also of interest is the General Comments Sheet where people share thoughts like “widen Hillsboro Road” and “we need to consider drainage/flooding issues related to Cartwright Creek.”

What to do next.

Let’s Discuss

Share your comments here and let’s talk about our community and the plan. Spread the word by sharing this post and our Facebook page with your neighbors.


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