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Grassland Community History

The Grassland Community was settled in the late 1820s by Wm. Leaton, III as part of the 1784 land-grant to heirs of Wm. Leaton, Jr. By 1801, John Campbell, John Stuart, Ephraim Brown, Wm. Tarkington, and Joseph German were living in this area. Later Grassland families were Leigh, Motheral, Fulton, Sneed, Murrey, Armstrong, Hulme, Greer, Moran, Wray, and Hughes. In 1846, Prior Smith bought the Leaton farm and enlarged the two-room log cabin, the district’s first voting place, to a 10-room house known as the Jeff Moran home. The community had blacksmith shops, country stores, a post office (1879 -1902), and Grassland School. Bethlehem United Methodist Church was organized in 1848.

Grassland was listed with a population of 20 in 1887 and centered around the William Leaton House known. There was a post office, two grist mills and several livestock dealers.

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