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Motheral / Moran House

Also known as the John Moran House, the Motheral / Moran House is located on Moran Rd. at Big Harpeth River on 20 acres in Williamson County, Tennessee. It was built around the same time period as the William Leaton House. There is a family cemetery with graves and markers on the property. The home was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on April 13, 1988.

Motheral Moran Marker

on the historical marker:


This house was built before 1815 by John Motheral (1755-1824) a Revolutionary War soldier. Originally, the large log home faced the Harpeth River. When the road was moved, a double front porch was added in the north side, the logs were covered over, and a frame addition built. In 1873, Motheral heirs sold the farm to Nathan and Margaret Linton Greer. After Mr. Greer’s death, his second wife, Harriet Elizabeth Henry Greer, a collateral descendant of Patrick Henry, married, in 1890. Edward Hicks Moran, a magistrate for 34 years. They lived here as did their only son, Sam Henry Moran (1894-1955), an this family. Sam Moran served 17 years as a magistrate and three terms in the state legislature.



The road is now named Moran Road and is a beautiful drive out to Old Natchez Trace. It’s a popular roadway for our many area runners and cyclists and borders River Rest, Sneed Forest, and Old Natchez Country Club residential areas.

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Motheral Moran House

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  1. Meredith Walker says:

    I am a decendant of Mary Motheral (daughter of John Motheral) and Dr. Joel Walker (who is buried close to the house in Franklin). After the death of her husband, Mary Motheral relocated and built in DeSoto County, MS. I have never discoved why she left her family and home in Franklin, TN to move with her six children, alone, to rural (at that time) Mississippi. She also had have a sister (Katharine) that also moved to Shannon , MS.

    • Meredith, thank you for sharing this information.

      • Thomas W. Whitehead says:

        Katherine Motheral, b. 1784, d. 1867 Lee County., Mississippi (daughter of John and Jane Motheral) married Samuel Shannon, Jr., b. 1780, d. 1851 Itawamba County, Mississippi in 1800 in Davidison County, Tennessee. They lived north of Nashville, Tennessee in Whites Creek area. They moved to about 7 miles southeast of Pontotoc, Pontotoc County, Mississippi about 1836. They then moved to Itawamba County, Mississippi later to where the present day Town of Shannon (Lee County, Mississippi) is today. The Town of Shannon is named after Samuel Shannon, Jr. and the Shannon Family who settled here. Katherine’s sister, Mary Motheral , wife of Dr. Joel Walker moved and lived with Katherine during the Civil War. She died in 1862 in Shannon, Mississippi. They are all buried in the Shannon Cemetery, Shannon, Lee County, Mississippi. There is still descendants of Samuel and Katherine Shannon living in the Shannon area. Samuel and Katherine Shannon had six children, four sons and two daughters.

        • Thomas W. Whitehead says:

          Does anyone have a list, pictures and information on persons buried in the cemetery at the Motheral/Moran House.

          Thank You,
          Thomas W. Whitehead

    • Jeff Brown says:

      my grandparents James Asbury Brown and Veda Mae Brown live there for several years when I was a child. There used to be a wooden bridge going across the river that my grandfather helped build.?

  2. Lisa Sanford says:

    Is the house currently occupied? Can you tour it?

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