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Old Natchez Trace at Moran Road

We live just east of the historically famous original Natchez Trace. Isn’t that amazing! This historical marker from the Williamson County Historical Society is located at the intersection of Moran Road and Old Natchez Trace just west of The Grassland Community.

The Natchez Trace

In early 1801, the U.S. postmaster general complained to the secretary of war that mail service along the Natchez Trace between Nashville and Natchez was unsatisfactory “on account of the badness of the road… which is very devious & narrow.” Later that year, the signing of Indian treaties with the Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes at Fort Adams, Mississippi provided the federal government with the authority to improve the Trace along much of its route. The U.S. Army was ordered to open the pathway to a width not exceeding sixteen feet with “not more than eight feet of the sixteen to be cut close to the ground, and smoothed for passengers.” By late 1803, when work on the project was discontinued, about 264 miles of the Trace’s approximate 450 mile length had been improved, resulting in a “comfortable road for horses and foot passengers.”

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