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Grassland Village Special Area Plan Open House Recap

gsd_plan_openhouse_2Williamson County Planning Staff and the Grassland Citizen’s Advisory Committee introduced the Grassland Village Special Area Plan to the community on December 10, 2012. Approximately 60-75 people attended the open house from 6:30 – 8:30pm at Grassland Middle School. The informal meeting introduced the staff, committee members, and planning process to members of the community and gave the opportunity to ask questions. There was a brief presentation by county staff members, Mike Matteson and Katy Rucker, followed by an open viewing of various plan process information and maps for questions and discussion with staff and committee members.

gsd_plan_openhouse_3gsd_plan_openhouse_5 Grassland Village Special Area Plan Open House 4

What is the Plan?

The plan will serve as our vision to guide future land use and development decisions, recommendations for future development, and a basis for the creation of development standards.

How to Get Involved

As a wonderful community in Williamson County, we would like to share the most important messages of this meeting and stress the fact that you should get involved!

  1. Engage your representatives! There’s a contact list at the bottom of this post. Find someone and contact them now with your questions and ideas.
  2. Attend public meetings. We were glad to see the excitement and interest by those who attended the open house, but it would great to see more people show an interest in the plan for our community. Stay tuned to our site and our Facebook page for any future announcements and events. The next meeting will be one to share our ideas and identify our goals as a growing community.
  3. Understand the plan. It is imperative that we understand the purpose and goals of the plan itself to be able to participate in the process. You can learn more at the county site link listed below or by reaching out to one of the contacts listed below.

Contact List

Williamson County Planning Staff

Grassland Citizen’s Advisory Committee

See previous post announcing the Grassland Citizen’s Advisory Committee. Members listed below.


Contact the committee members via the committee email address.

  • Ryan Bennett
  • Susan Bradfield
  • Deb Dreves
  • Mike Franks
  • Joe Harkins
  • Robbin Holland
  • Kathleen Kunkel
  • Gavin Moon
  • Michael Myers

EX-OFFICIO LIST (County Commissioners)

  • Jack Walton
    Williamson County Regional Planning Commission
    Williamson County Commission, 8th District
  • Greg Davis
    Williamson County Commission, 8th District
  • Mary Brockman
    Williamson County Commision, 9th District
  • Ernie Williams
    Williamson County Commission, 9th District

Get More Information

Let’s Discuss

Share your comments here and let’s talk about our community and the plan. Spread the word by sharing this post and our Facebook page with your neighbors.


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